Seven Things to Look for in a Sponsor - of your Next Innovation Challenge

Posted by Anthony Madama at 10:57 AM, March 11, 2014

For Corporate Innovation teams that offer innovation crowdsourcing services to other areas of the business, finding the right Challenge Sponsors can make or break the success of your program.


While support from the C-suite can be great to get you started, you can not rely on them for the steady stream of challenge topics that are the life blood of the 'shared service' model.

Eventually you will need to venture out into the organization, and identify business leaders who have real —and pressing— business needs that you can help to solve via crowdsourcing.

Often this is unfamiliar territory for the Innovation Program Manager. It requires internal networking and 'selling' the benefits of the service. It is also a significant departure from the work they have been doing to date (eg. organizing the team, defining the process and project managing the deployment of the Brightidea platform).

There are many different candidates to sponsor challenges, in different departments, with widely varying needs, and it's hard to know where to start.

So we've created this handy list of things to keep in mind as you are looking for sponsors of your next innovation challenge.

Seven Things to Look for in a Sponsor of Your Next Innovation Challenge:

1. Expressed Interest or Curiosity in your Program and Tools. Executives who are already interested in what you are doing, are the easiest to get engaged. Keep your eyes and ears open for business leaders who think what you are doing is cool, and start with them first.

2. Already Engaged in Innovation at the Company. Executives that participate on an Innovation Council or Innovation Steering Committee are strong candidates as well. They will likely be supporting your program at some level and will give you early opportunities to work with the teams or divisions that they lead. Listen closely and allow them to guide you to where you can have the largest impact in the areas they are responsible for.

3. Already Have a Key Challenge they Need to Solve. Maybe it's an aggressive growth target a few years out, or a division that needs to reduce costs. Maybe there is a new trend they want to jump on in a big way or a technical problem that needs to be solved. An executive with a 'burning platform' that needs to get something done, can benefit from fresh thinking and directly engaging their teams to solve the problem.

4. Have Access to Resources to Execute Ideas. Business unit leaders who have existing discreationary budgets for doing new things, be it:R&D, prototyping, custom work, etc. make great sugar daddy's for your innovation program. These executives are used to placing bets on things that may or may not pan out. They often have existing pools of money and resources that are not pre-allocated to mission critical activities and therefore have the latitude to experiment with new things. By teaming with such well-heeled executives, you will not have to waste your time finding additional budget to execute the opportunities you hand-off to them.

5. Operating in an Area with Rapidly evolving Products and Services. Lets face it, at any given point in time, some markets are moving faster than others. If your company made mobile phones and land-line phones, the demand for innovation will probably be greater in the mobile division. Go to where the action is. Look for areas where technology is driving rapid product evolution or where changes in policies or regulations are disrupting how business is being done. Divisions with lots of engineers doing technical design work make great targets. 

6. Bigger is better. The benefits of crowdsourcing increase with scale. Seek out sponsors that lead large teams, or whose challenge topic will be broadly applicable to employees in other business units.  

7. Social Media or Technology Saavy. Does your target sponsor have a blog? Are they active on twitter? Executives that embrace social media often have a 'prepared mind' for crowdsourcing innovation. They are comfortable communicating to large audiences via digital media and understand the untapped power and potential of their network.

*    *    *

The list above describes traits you can use to help identify the strong candidates to sponsor innovation challenges. If you have other tips, I'd love to hear them! Please share them in the comments section below.

If you wish to discuss this topic in more detail, feel free to contact us so we can have one of our innovation consultants reach out to you to discuss further!

Brightidea is the leading provider of collaborative innovation software for companies all over the world. Brightidea believes every company’s innovation process is unique with specific needs changing over time in different ways. The Brightidea platform is designed to be the most flexible and self-configurable available to effectively support customers no matter where they are on their innovation journey. Based in San Francisco, Brightidea has over a decade of experience and has worked with nearly 500 leading corporate innovators, including Adobe, Bayer, Bosch, Chevron, Cisco, General Electric, Humana, SAP, Sony and many others.

Introducing Innovation as a Shared Service (ISS) in the Fall 2013 Product Release

Posted by Steve Bell at 3:01 PM, September 24, 2013

As a leader in the collaborative innovation software space for over a decade, we’ve done a lot of our own collaborative innovation with industry-leading companies like GE, SAP, Motorola Solutions, and Bosch. With today’s breakneck pace of business, these organizations understand the imperative to innovate or be left in the dust.

Along this innovation journey, we’ve worked with many different forms of innovation from new product development to six sigma to R&D. Recently, one model has surfaced as a highly successful approach for getting innovation programs up and running, and delivering consistent innovation outcomes across organizations. It is a form of dedicated innovation group that we call Innovation as a Shared Service – or “ISS”.

ISS is similar to an organizational service like IT and HR because the team is tasked with servicing various stakeholders in diverse business units across the company. The goals for the ISS team are to create a culture of innovation, oversee a corporate innovation center of excellence, and coordinate a network of innovation champions.

Since Brightidea and our customers have experienced first-hand the value of ISS, today we’re excited to announce new capabilities in our Fall 2013 release designed to support and drive ISS team success. Here are some of the highlights:

WebStorm Scheduler: Auto-pilot for the Innovation Program Manager


ISS teams are nearly always managing concurrent innovation campaigns on behalf of multiple business unit sponsors. At the same time, they are nearly always budget and resource constrained. They need to be energy efficient – to do more with less. Campaign Scheduler provides set-and-forget scheduling of routine activities such as start and stop dates for challenges, ideas, voting, comments, newsletters, and blogs.

Social Collaboration Tools: Draw your employees into innovation


The beauty of collaborative innovation is that you can tap into your corporate “wisdom of crowds” to develop solutions to challenges, improve processes, or discover the Next Big Thing. For this to be successful you need an interested crowd that is motivated to participate. We’ve introduced Social Collaboration Tools including User Tagging, Notifications, and Action Item Alerts to drive campaign participation. This is all enabled under a new consistent Global Navigation paradigm that that spans our product suite end to end.

Idea Boards: Showcase your best ideas


Collaborative innovation extends beyond just coming up with ideas. Companies collaborate all the way through the innovation process. It starts with the ability for people to find and evaluate ideas in an easy, engaging way. Idea Boards are a Pinterest-style interface that lets you easily sort, filter and showcase your best ideas. Because after all, you want people to decide on your best ideas, not algorithms.

WebStorm Feedback and Reporting: Show the true value of your programs


Working with our ISS clients, we know that they need to justify the value of their programs to upper management and stakeholders. Since the outcomes from these programs may not materialize until a much later implementation date, ISS teams need a consistent way to track their effectiveness every step of the way. Webstorm Feedback enables innovation teams to capture and share instant satisfaction feedback from business unit sponsors (the customer) on program status, activities, and results.

Another critical way to monitor campaign effectiveness is through reporting. The Fall 2013 Release delivers new reporting and dashboard capabilities to help innovation managers track their innovation program effectiveness through the entire lifecycle from idea to outcome.

Ongoing Innovation at Brightidea

There are numerous additional new features rolling out with the Fall 2013 release. Fall 2013 is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s on our roadmap to support collaborative innovation and ISS.

These are exciting times for Brightidea. While one of our main competitors has recently thrown in the towel and been acquired due to financial woes, we’re not only expanding our platform and services – we’re accelerating our innovation momentum. Stay Tuned!

Video Highlights and Successes from Birds of a Feather 2013

Posted by Sandra Ponce de Leon at 12:00 PM, August 13, 2013

Last month’s Birds of a Feather (BOF) event in Chicago brought together innovators from all over the country, and a wide variety of industries. Attendees were provided the opportunity to exchange ideas, share experiences and find new ways to solve innovation issues their companies are facing, which we captured in video at the event.

Strategic innovation leaders from Humana, WMS Gaming, VSP Global, Quicken Loans and more sat down with us and shared their personal experiences and touched on what they gained from the various presentations, panels and informative, impromptu conversations at BOF.

Some memorable quotes from the event are below:

"It's just so inspiring talking to other colleagues in companies in very different industries just to get different ideas, see what works, what hasn't for folks, and really where things are going. I think it really helps all of us on our journeys for innovation management."
Heidi Hattendorf, Motorola Solutions

“It’s really focused on delivering something that is going to make business and life better and easier.”
Greg Thompson, Autoliv

“Everything that we wanted to achieve, that we had gaps or deficiencies in the process prior to, Brightidea was able to accommodate that.”
Lori Zapanta, Interactive Intelligence

Also featured in the video is our CEO, Matt Greeley, who was excited about the new faces in attendance as well as being able to reconnect with previous attendees noting the common thread among participants: "Everyone has the same passion for fighting the good fight for innovation."

Watch the full 2013 Bird's of a Feather Highlights Video on the Brightidea Vimeo Page.

Account Manager Rod O'Connor Joins Brightidea

Posted by Sandra Ponce de Leon at 10:38 AM, August 06, 2013

Brightidea keeps growing! Today, we're excited to share that Rod O'Connor has joined Brightidea as our newest Account Manager, bringing with him a wealth of experience in managing customer relations in fast-paced inside and outside sales environments. Here’s a little more about Rod in his own words:

1. Where were you before you joined Brightidea?

For the last 3 ½ years I was in new business sales, selling corporate foreign exchange payment and check elimination services for Western Union Business Solutions, a division of Western Union. Most people know Western Union services as sending money from consumer to consumer, but they are also the world’s largest non-bank provider of foreign payment services for businesses as well. We provided customized solutions for law firms, financial institutions, higher education, NGO’s and corporations.

2. What does innovation mean to you?

For me, innovation is about continually advancing products and services for the greater good of the end user. It's all about progression, improvement and creating a better experience for customers.

3. What gets you excited about working for Brightidea?

I really enjoy the open collaborative environment, and I appreciate how everyone on the team has been accessible and driven to make this the best company with the best Innovation Management platform in the industry. I also enjoy helping Brightidea customers solve their innovation challenges to continue being the best in their respective industries.

4. What new innovation are you most excited about?

The Taylormade R1 Driver! Finally, someone built the “swiss army” of drivers, allowing you to change the loft, ball flight path and face angle of your driver with the twist of a small wrench.

Rod5. What do you do for fun?

I enjoy playing golf with my friends as well as playing in tournaments with a golf club that I run called the East Bay Hackers Gentleman’s Club. I also enjoy brewing beer, and to date, I have brewed close to 500 gallons. Brewing is a very innovative process because the recipe is completely developed in your imagination, and just by adding a different hop varietal or grain combination, you can completely alter the flavor even though it may be still classified as a pale ale or a stout, etc. Additionally, I enjoy seeing the world and experiencing different cultures, finding new restaurants around the Bay Area, and spending time with my wife and family.

Steve Bell joins Brightidea as the Director of Product Marketing

Posted by Sandra Ponce de Leon at 12:22 PM, July 08, 2013

We’re thrilled to announce a new addition to the Brightidea team. Steve Bell has joined Brightidea as the Director of Product Marketing, bringing with him an impressive and extensive product marketing history. In his new role, Steve will be responsible for product evangelization, sales enablement and product messaging. Here’s a little more about Steve in his own words:

1. What were you doing before you joined Brightidea?

I’ve been a product marketing professional for over 16 years, mostly in the cloud CRM/Contact Center software market, and more recently in the collaboration and social big data space. At RightNow Technologies I drove product marketing programs for what became the company’s most profitable and industry-leading product, the Dynamic Agent Desktop – think of it as a Zendesk for the enterprise call center.

More recently I ran the Solutions marketing program at Mindjet and the Product Marketing program at DataSift. Mindjet is a leader in mind mapping and collaborative work management software. DataSift is a startup with a social data mining platform – something I’m sure the NSA is already using.

2. What does innovation mean to you?

Pretty basic and broad – innovation is coming up with and applying a new “thing” to meet a need. “Things” can be products, services, technologies, etc. Needs can be known problems to solve, or yet-to-be uncovered needs.

3. What gets you excited about working for Brightidea?

Lots of things! The Innovation software space is really interesting and the market opportunity for Brightidea is huge. I’m excited to be part of such a great, collaborative team. It’s nice to work for a company that has the size and vibe of a startup but the organizational and product maturity of an established company. I see tons of opportunity to apply my experience to evangelizing Brightidea through differentiated messaging, great marketing content and collateral, customer advocacy, and sales enablement.

4. What new innovation are you most excited about?

  • The Lytro is a camera that captures the entire light field with each shot, so you can do your focusing and other photo manipulation after you actually take the picture.
  • The Vinturi aerator – near and dear to my heart (see next answer below), until this little gizmo came along wine drinkers had to wait hours for wine to “breathe” before drinking. The Vinturi aerator sucks air into the wine as it is poured through the device, and “Voila”, your wine is ready to drink.
  • The whole “shared service” thing. A recent example comes from 3 teenagers who passed up Harvard scholarships to start FlightCar. It’s the AirBNB model applied to car rental service. It’s one of those innovations that makes you wonder “why didn’t someone think of this before?”

5. What do you do for fun?

With a family of six (four boys ages 13-18), there’s always something going on in the Bell household – going to lacrosse games, weekends at the beach, hikes, etc. However, one of the most fun (and sanity restoring) activities is actually GETTING AWAY from the kids with my wife Colleen and exploring wine country. We like to get away to the lesser known wine regions like Amador, El Dorado, and Anderson Valley. We also hang out in Healdsburg and Russian River. Living in the Oakland Hills, I also enjoy hitting the local Oakland and Berkeley restaurant scene for interesting global cuisine.


We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Steve join our expanding team of industry experts bringing our clients’ innovation programs and Brightidea into the next phase of growth.

BOF 2013 Hackathon Delivers Innovation at Customer Speed

Posted by Sandra Ponce de Leon at 1:24 PM, June 27, 2013

Dogfooding: a slang term used to reference a scenario in which a company uses its own product to demonstrate the quality and capabilities of the product.

It stands to reason that at this year’s Birds of a Feather - an event dedicated to sharing and promoting innovation best practices – Brightidea would give itself an innovation challenge by way of an overnight hackathon.

This year’s opening event held at WMS Gaming was a themed Casino Night and the stakes were high…in more ways than one. Customers Motorola Solutions, Humana, Autoliv, WMS Gaming, Quicken Loans, and many others had their eyes on the prize – the winner with the most chips would get the new feature of their choice developed by Brightidea…within 24 hours.

Humana won. And the hackathon was on.

JasonanddevteamThe feature? Humana wanted the ability for admins to search and filter by tags and admin labels, to provide greater idea search refinement. Tags are being leveraged increasingly within the Brightidea Innovation Suite – for example, end users will be able use them to categorize ideas, subscribe to specific tags on ideas of interest and see notifications whenever they log in to their platform. We also decided to add advanced functionality that will allow admins to further organize ideas with sorting as well as new admin-only labels. After speaking directly with Humana to learn their pain points and business need, Brightidea’s VP of Product Jason Hardy-Smith huddled with Brightidea’s development teams to plan how to design and implement the solution.

After a furious all-nighter by the Product & Technical Services teams, the new feature spec came together and the new beta feature was brought to life.

Users can search ideas based on Tags and Admin Labels. Two new columns - for tags and admin labels - were added to the WebStorm™ admin ideas grid. A new dropdown box in the search area allows the user to specify the tags or labels to include or exclude in the search. The search results can even be bookmarked and exported into Excel.

Search-typeahead-tagsHere’s an example screen shot:

The beta working feature was demo-ed to the BOF audience the very next day – to great response.

While this innovation example is less about the wisdom of crowds and more about luck of the draw, nevertheless it’s a wonderful thing when a great idea comes together spontaneously to delight your customer.



This blog post was written by our new Director of Product Marketing, Steve Bell. Steve joins us with an impressive and extensive product marketing history, driving messaging and positioning, product evangelization, and sales enablement for enterprise SaaS vendors across CRM, Social Big Data, and Collaboration markets. Steve is an avid oenophile, foodie, and father to 4 teenage boys. We'll be hearing more from and about Steve in future blog posts.

The Road to Innovation Results: WMS Gaming chats with Brightidea

Posted by Sandra Ponce de Leon at 8:38 AM, May 29, 2013

Dave_paul_smilesOur Director of Business Development, Paul Tran recently sat down with David Detlefsen of WMS Gaming, a company with a rich history of innovation in digital gaming entertainment for the casino industry. WMS started their innovation program 5 years ago, during a time when they were experiencing strong revenue and employee growth. WMS wanted to ensure that it preserved its special corporate culture through this period and specifically maintain itself as a company of ideas.

For WMS having a platform that could support its vision…for every employee to share and to contribute to its innovative company voice was extremely important. It wanted to stimulate internal employee collaboration to help its managers solve real business problems and increase invention disclosures with IP patents groups, while keeping a focus on its core culture.

Using Brightidea's technology platform, the program has been hugely successful since its inception in 2007, resulting in 64 patents being filed and the creation of 110 continuous improvement ideas that include efficiency improvements, cost savings, waste reduction, and safety advances. Deploying Brightidea's Idea management platform onto the manufacturing shop floor means WMS can harness its employees' creativity and empower them to take steps to improve their work life, while also creating cost savings for the company.

The program has evolved and continues to improve over time through valuable learnings gathered through its history, here's just a few of the many nuggets David shared with us.

  1. Do not start with an open suggestion box, keep challenges focused and aligned with your corporate strategy. While it may seem like a good idea at the time, an open suggestion box will actually cause more pain by opening up a firehouse of hundreds if not thousands of unfiltered ideas to sort through, many of which will have no tie back to corporate objectives. And by not responding to all ideas, your submitters will get frustrated, causing ideas to dwindle in the long run.

  2. Use a solution pull strategy over idea push. This requires some thinking on problem statements and an understanding of business challenges. However, changing to this kind of focused challenge paradigm will guarantee ideas are on target with company priorities.
  3. Ideapull

  4. Respond to every submission that comes in, having a focused challenge will make this easier. Idea submitters don't mind being told NO, but they like to know why. Keeping the two way dialogue alive will ensure that ideas get better over time and continue to encourage participation. If submitter's ideas go into a black hole, this will make them less likely to participate over time. Providing a simple explanation for the idea not moving forward is much better than not hearing anything at all.

  5. Set a schedule and market your campaign. Leveraging your intranet, using a blog and a newsletter to communicate will keep your campaign top of mind and keep employees participating, collaborating, commenting, and elaborating on ideas. Develop a schedule that has multiple campaigns running at once so that each is in a different phase of execution and review at any one time.

  6. Develop a top level strategy deployment. This can be scheduled longer than a standard campaign period and is a business process developed in partnership with the CEO or President to set audacious goals for the entire company to strive for in the year. This is a stretch goal challenge that requires the entire company to be in alignment and work towards, to try to attain something the company isn't currently doing.

Daveandpaul_hhDavid ends the interview by sporting his Innovation hard hat, tapping into the metaphor that innovation is fun, but at the same time can be messy like a construction site and also a little dangerous. You should always start with a blueprint, but in the midst of the construction, you should be comfortable getting your hands dirty but above all staying safe. And don't lose sight that it's okay be silly and have fun!

The interview is loaded with many more ideas for how to best structure an innovation program, how to set expectations and above all ensure success that will keep the program running for years to come. He reminds us to take things slow, establish a process and nurture it along the way, which will leave room for wider expansion that builds upon program success.

We're thankful to our partner Planview for providing a forum for our conversation. If you're interested in hearing best practices from more innovation practitioners, our next Birds of Feather (BOF) event is happening soon in Chicago on June 24, 25th. If you'd like to apply for an invitation to attend, please contact Celia Seib for more information.

Key Takeaways from Recent Q&A Panel on the Front End of Innovation

Posted by Kristen Fotter at 8:50 AM, May 10, 2013

Recently, Brightidea engaged in a live Q&A session with Planview and Innovation SE on igniting and powering prioritization in innovation programs. As one of the lead speakers during the session, it was personally both exhilarating and fulfilling. I was extremely impressed with the diversity of the audience and their questions. Clearly, organizations of all sorts are thinking about how to incorporate innovation into their day-to-day and how to maximize the effectiveness of the process.


Of the 150 questions submitted during the session, most of the feedback led me to a fundamental point that we convey to everyone we work with, which is that innovation is a full end-to-end process that should lead to demonstrable results. Innovating and ideating without purpose won’t get you anywhere. The only results you’ll see are a group of frustrated participants and leadership knocking on your door asking why you wasted their most precious resources on a fruitless venture. For innovation to truly impact your business in a meaningful way, you must develop and maintain an end-to-end process that begins with strategic alignment and ends with implementation.

While developing a program process, everyone is faced with identifying which ideas are the most worthy of implementation. We took a poll during the live Q&A session about how comfortable the audience is with prioritizing ideas. Based on the poll results, it appears that many people struggle with establishing a documented process that utilizes metrics to identify which ideas have the most merit (30% of people go on gut alone). Why is it that so many people struggle with innovation process?

While many people believe that process and structure stifle creativity – critical to producing those big “Wow” ideas – this couldn’t be further from the truth. A solid process ensures that the venture will be meaningful to the business by generating outcomes and creating ROI.

At Brightidea, we believe that two elements are key to successful prioritization:

  1. Establish your success criteria before starting a project.
  2. Use an accessible tool that allows subject matter experts to produce a quantifiable assessment. We find that our multi-round scorecarding feature is really helpful to clients for this purpose.

Additionally, there are two questions you must access yourself before engaging in the endeavor. This first piece is critical. You must ask the question, is this pursuit in line with the strategic objectives of the company? Secondly you must ask, is there funding to implement the outcome of this process? If the answer to either of those questions is no, do not pass Go. You should start over with a new topic. Once the strategic foundation is laid, then you can go crazy with getting the smelly markers, post-it notes, squishy toys, and beanbag chairs for creativity sessions.

With a foundation of strategic alignment and funding in place as well as a solid process endorsed by all, your innovation process should deliver some pretty fantastic outcomes. If you have more questions about establishing your process, please reach out me to discuss further. If you'd like to view the recorded Q&A with Planview and Innovation SE, it's available here.

 (original use of photograph in this article on

Upcoming Brightidea Web Events

Posted by Sandra Ponce de Leon at 1:19 PM, April 17, 2013

We are excited to announce that Brightidea will be joining one of our partners, Planview_logo_HighRes Planview, for a live Ask the Expert Q&A on April 25. Planview Vice President Linda Roach will moderate as expert panelists Carrie Nauyalis, also of Planview, and Kristen Jordan Fotter, Innovation Consulting Leader with Brightidea, discuss how to collect and assess winning ideas while prioritizing the right ones against available resources. Planview’s focus on helping customers optimize their two most precious resources, people and money, paired with Brightidea’s proven innovative solutions will empower guests to fill their product development pipelines with ideas that fit their capacity and resources.

Brightidea is also proud to be sponsoring the 4th annual PIPELINE online conference Pipeline2013taking place on Thursday, May 16th. With a focus on “Change the Game with Innovation that Works”, attendees will receive valuable insight from expert practitioners on innovation, product development, and product portfolio management. From case studies to recommendations you can implement right away, these best-in-class thought leaders will share their industry knowledge and success stories to help attendees discover ways they can implement innovation that works.

Joining Brightidea as Vice President of Marketing

Posted by Sandra Ponce de Leon at 8:57 AM, April 02, 2013

I'm so excited to announce that I've officially joined the Brightidea team as VP, Marketing. Over the course of the last few months, I've had the opportunity to work on a number of projects and have been continuously impressed not only with the caliber and integrity of the team, but also Brightidea's approach to business: Creative, methodical and data-driven. Most recently, Brightidea was named the Leader in the new era of crowdsourced large-scale innovation, by futurist and social business curator for GigaOM, Stowe Boyd.

Having practically created the category for innovation management software, Brightidea is in a unique and enviable position, the team has partnered with top global brands and built killer technology that manages the innovation process end to end. It is rare to find a "start-up" with such an established and impressive client roster, much less one with over 2 million users and that can directly attribute billions of dollars in cost savings and projected new revenue to the use of its technology. To help facilitate that kind of value is truly an amazing opportunity that I'm excited to take on in this new chapter of my career.

For over the last decade, I have worked with Silicon Valley start-ups in digital advertising, mobile and social enterprise, helping these companies bring new products to market and refining their market positioning.  Innovation is ultimately the lifeblood of Silicon Valley, what drives and motivates those that love the start-up lifestyle and mentality: that anything is possible. And innovation beyond the Valley is just as, if not more important. According to a recent Babson College study cited by Brian Solis, "over 40 percent of the companies that were at the top of the Fortune 500 in 2000 were no longer there in 2010."  Pretty clear that innovation is the only path to longevity in today's hyper competitive markets. It's really great to be part of a company that is enabling that kind of innovation through its technology.

This year promises to bring some exciting new developments to Brightidea and I'm very thankful to be part of such an amazing team.

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