[Video] Innovation Champions: Underwriters Laboratories

Posted by Janelle Noble at 8:24 AM, October 11, 2012

Gary Chiu [Underwriter Laboratories] from Brightidea on Vimeo.

Innovation Champions: Underwriter Laboratories from Brightidea on Vimeo.

Top global businesses are learning how to master innovation in critical business processes. This series lets you get an inside look at top global businesses and how their leaders create innovation programs succeed.

Gary Chiu, an Engineering Leader from Underwriter Laboratories, sat down with Brightidea to give an exclusive interview about the company and the direction it is taking with innovation. Underwriter Laboratories is a global independent safety science company offering expertise across five key strategic businesses: Product Safety, Environment, Life & Health, Knowledge Services and Verification Services. Chiefly dealing with product safety, Underwriter Laboratories gains input about products sourcing insights and solutions from employees. Gary realizes that as industries become more competitive, traditional cultures and ways of thinking need to adopt a new and innovative methodologies and technologies to respond to ever changing business needs. Pushing an innovation culture with a grass-roots approach to ensure the transparency of actionable ideas that turn into better products, Gary knows what it means to be an Innovation Champion.

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