[VIDEO] Innovation Champions: Humana

Posted by Janelle Noble at 9:23 AM, August 23, 2012

Innovation Champions: Humana from Brightidea on Vimeo.

This series looks at the people who make innovation a reality every day. These individuals are redefining innovation at top global companies by injecting employees and customer input into everyday business processes to create better products and streamline operations.

Here is an exclusive interview with Jay Millstead, an insights technical consultant with Humana (NYSE: HUM), a Fortune 100 company that markets and administers a wide range of healthcare products and services. Within the health sector, Humana is recognized for its diverse lines of business positions as well as its strong innovation culture. Millstead, who works in the business insights group, explains how innovation is a product of co-creation between departments. The insights group collaborates with other departments within the enterprise to locate specific business needs then creates and runs Brightidea-powered campaigns to find real solutions. Millstead also explains how innovation culture at Humana empowers employees to contribute to the overall success of the company.

Growing innovation from the ground up, Humana knows how to implement innovation within different business units to target specific needs. Millstead's role in the evolution of Humana's innovation culture gives him the qualities that make him an Innovation Champion.

Want to learn more? The Birds of a Feather community connects innovation talents from different sectors and industries under one common goal: to reimagine innovation. Join our online social communities and connect with innovation champs like Jay today.

Lockheed Martin Launches Global Innovation Contest

Posted by Janelle Noble at 7:22 AM, August 09, 2012

LockheedmartinFrom protecting frontline soldiers to reaching the moon, Lockheed Martin has a 100-year track record of innovation. From the humble beginnings of founders Glen Martin, Allan Lockheed and Malcolm Lockheed, an unrelenting journey began to continuously push the boundaries of technologies that promise a better, brighter, and accelerated tomorrow.

Marking its 100th anniversary, Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) is launching its first public innovation challenge, Innovate the Future Challenge. As a top global security and aerospace company that employs 61,000 engineers, scientists, and IT professionals, Lockheed Martin understands that great ideas can come from anywhere. Realizing the importance of early creativity, Lockheed Martin encourages and supports the next generation of inventors, students, researchers, mathematicians, engineers, and scientists to participate in the challenge. In conjunction with the public-facing challenge, an internal challenge will allow Lockheed Martin employees to contribute ideas for ways the company can create profitable growth in adjacent markets and innovate for affordability. The Innovate the Future Challenge creates a unique opportunity for Lockheed Martin to pursue affordability and collaboration through a systematic innovation program that taps both internal and external resources.

"Through this contest, we are creating an online environment that helps people with diverse backgrounds and experiences share their ideas," states Dr. Ray O. Johnson, senior vice president and chief technology officer.

AstronaitPowered by Brightidea, the global forum will be open for ideas from the public starting August 6th and ending on September 30th, 2012. Participants will be able to submit their ideas under nine categories – health, safety, technology, environment, security, transportation, energy, education, and other. Lockheed Martin's review committee will judge and score the submitted ideas based on three main areas: impact, creativity, expression. Up to 5 ideas will be selected for cash rewards: the first place winner will receive a $25,000 award, the runner-up a $10,000 award, and three third place winners will receive $5,000 awards. That's not all. The grand prizewinner will also receive an incubation contract with Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute at the University of Maryland to help further develop the idea.

Brightidea enables the company to effectively tap inside and outside sources of expertise and create a dynamic collaborative environment where innovation can flourish. Our backend evaluation tools support advanced review and efficient processing of a high volume of ideas, creating streamlined evaluation processes through scorecarding, private evaluator collaboration rooms, and much more.

Join Lockheed Martin! Share your ideas. Encourage others. Above all else, recognize your potential to make an important contribution by submitting your ideas today!

Brightidea Heads to Latin America- Innovation Leaders to Gather!

Posted by Janelle Noble at 10:00 AM, August 07, 2012

BOF LATAMRead the full text in Spanish here. Read the full text in Portuguese here. The next Innovation Leaders Birds of a Feather (BOF) event is coming soon in September. For the first time ever Brightidea and innovators from around the world are heading to Latin America for BOF LATAM 2012! There will be not only one, but two BOF events – September 4-5 in Santiago, Chile hosted by Empresa Nacional de Energia ENEX S.A. and September 11 in Campinas, Brazil hosted by CPFL Energia. This latest BOF is sure to bring together an exciting group of innovation experts and practitioners from LATAM, an area that has been gaining momentum with an unprecedented uptick in innovation programs emerging in top regional companies.

September 4-5 ENEX, a leading energy company born out of the Shell Group, will be hosting the first BOF LATAM at its headquarters in Santiago, Chile. Speakers will include Brightidea's CEO Matthew Greeley and Guillermo Beuchat, Senior Business Strategy and Innovation Consultant at Transforme Consultores. ENEX's BOF LATAM 2012 will start off with a pre-event where attendees will be going on a Chilean wine tour near Santiago to get a unique look at innovations at smaller, boutique vineyards. The main event will include insights and presentations from elite local innovation program managers including a talk from the government agency CORFO about how the Chilean government is sponsoring innovation.

September 11, innovation program managers from Brazil will come together at CPFL Energia, the largest private holding company in Brazil's electricity sector, headquarters in Campinas, Brazil. Sharing their best practices and speaking about their experiences in corporate innovation will be keynote speakers, Matthew Greeley, CEO at Brightidea, Cristiano Kruel, senior business strategy and innovation consultant at Simplez, Vinicius Teixeira, from CPFL Energia, Miguel Alacantara, CIO of CVC, and Ivan Goncalves, from Positivo, the largest computer manufacturer in Latin America.

Register today, spots are limited. Please note, while we try to accommodate all requests, Brightidea customers are given priority access to all BOF events. What's in store for you at BOF, check out the video of our last BOF hosted by Motorola Solutions!

Pre-Registro Birds of a Feather Chile

Pré-Registro Birds of a Feather Brasil

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