[VIDEO] Innovation Champions: Principal Financial Group

Posted by Janelle Noble at 7:53 AM, July 26, 2012

Innovation Champions: Principal Financial Group from Brightidea on Vimeo.

With the Olympics kicking off this week, we at Brightidea are inspired by the people behind innovation at the companies we serve. In the spirit of the games this new blog series highlights innovation champions that are pioneering innovation processes at top global companies. The pathway to innovation success demands an innovation champion at the helm, running successful programs that meet organizational needs that shift and change over time. The innovation managers pour their sweat and knowledge into creating innovation processes, triumphing through the use of proper tools, expertise, and a lot of passion. They go the extra mile, bringing together dispersed groups and interests while pushing organizational boundaries. They take risks, and defy odds, to make innovation a reality.

Jumpstarting the nine exclusive one-on-one interviews of innovation champions is Regina Lowery, Assistant Director of IT at Principal Financial Group (NYSE: PFG). Using Brightidea's software, Principal has successfully integrated innovation into different business units within the company. At Principal one of the goals is to create a stronger innovation culture that recognizes a need for transparency around employee ideation. Generating solutions for process improvements, new products, and better services, innovation managers like Regina truly embody what it means to be an innovation champion.

The Birds of a Feather community connects like-minded innovation practitioners around the world. So don't wait any longer, join our social communities online and connect with Innovation Champions like Regina today.

[VIDEO] Innovation Practitioners Unite at Motorola Solutions!

Posted by Janelle Noble at 8:57 AM, July 16, 2012



The latest Birds of a Feather (BOF) Innovation Leaders event  drew an impressive group of elite innovation practitioners to Motorola Solutions headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois. Attendees hailed from top global companies including Pepsico, Sara Lee, Humana, Whirlpool Corporation, Farm Credit Services of America and more. Each person gained invaluable insight through direct peer-to-peer discussions, informative presentations and breakout sessions all set within an exclusive setting that took attendees inside Motorola Solutions innovation center. As Paul Tran, Director of Business Development at Brightidea states people "shared success that could only be learned by real practitioners".

Besides an interactive tour of Motorola's Innovation Center, attendees were treated talks from renown practitioners Heidi Hattendorf, Director of Innovation Development at Motorola and Michele Egger, innovation Capability Operations, at Chevron as well as Jeffrey Phillips, author of "Relentless Innovation". The eventful day also included a screening of filmmaker, futurist, and 'epiphany addict' Jason Silva's short film "Imagination" and smaller breakout sessions where attendees were able to participate in more in-depth discussions that covered the how-to's for innovation programs, latest enhancements in ideation technology, best practices, and more.

On behalf of Brightidea, we would like to thank Motorola Solutions for generously hosting this year's BOF Americas Region. They are a valuable partner and contributor to making BOF a reality. Join other leading innovation practitioners online in the BOF community at http://bi.brightidea.com/bof. Don't forget to check out Facebook for even more exclusive photos and get involved with innovation discussions on LinkedIn.

Coming up… we are going south for BOF LATAM 2012!!!

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