Inside Look: Tour HP’s Innovation Platform July 3rd

Posted by Janelle Noble at 12:20 PM, June 27, 2012

Hp-Screenshot-1Tuesday July 3rd, 2012 Intranet Benchmarking Forum (IBF) is hosting the July edition of their IBF Live a unique interactive visual radio for 'intranet and digital workplace managers' where members can interact and connect with fellow viewers during the broadcast.

This 44th episode will feature Art Beckman, Program Lead HP Software Innovation and Brightidea's co-founder Vincent Carbone as they discuss HP's internal innovation platform The Garage. For years, Brightidea software has powered The Garage, where 300,000 employees can easily share ideas and collaborate on a host of different topics organized by business units. During this edition of IBF Live, Art will be talking about how HP has been utilizing tools to facilitate innovation, while Vincent will go over the best practices in idea management.

This exclusive event is not limited to IBF members only – you can sign up for a free one-time guest pass, but there is a limited supply so register soon!



Cisco Europe Tackles Innovation Engagement with i-Zone

Posted by Janelle Noble at 8:30 AM, June 13, 2012

Cisco-izone-globe The innovation process is complex and can pose challenges at every level. Some companies may not have budgets for innovation initiatives, while others struggle to secure executive support for tactical innovation programs that support a broader innovation strategy. Moreover, engagement can be the biggest challenge as it sometimes poses a broader task of redefining innovation to each employee and a total reevaluation of corporate culture. Engagement in internal innovation programs is essential since employees are the sole source for ideas and their input is key to positively impacting change and cultivating a culture of innovation.

Cisco-izone-graphic Cisco Systems, a worldwide technology leader, saw engagement as part of larger challenge of making innovation practical. Cisco’s European division specifically wanted to boost productivity to increase customer, partner, and employee satisfaction through innovation. Yet, the European arm of Cisco found there was lack of employee engagement to identify potential new opportunities to grow the European market share and began to focus on developing a strategy that would inspire employees to understand the benefits of innovation. As Matt Asman, Innovaiton Manager at Cisco states,

"I really believed we as a company needed to expand our
thinking beyond Innovation being all about R&D."

Backing that vision is a program called i-Zone, a Brightidea-powered internal innovation portal where employees could submit ideas on various targeted topics and campaigns. This was not the first time Cisco had used Brightidea – the company uses Brightidea for another innovation program based in the US with its emerging technologies group. i-Zone started as a single portal and later grew to multiple areas that corresponded with innovation categories that mapped to business areas and their respective owners. In an effort to encourage employees to participate, the company also provided rewards and recognition such as gift cards and tech give-aways of iPads and iPods to those whose ideas made it to high-level pitches. Following this initiative, Cisco Europe succeeded in enriching a culture of innovation and their engagement soared. i-Zone resulted in 5,000+ users contributing 400+ ideas and thousands of comments and votes.

Getting employees excited about innovation can be challenging because change is not always easily accepted. Cisco Europe saw this challenge and decided to commit itself to changing the corporate culture in favor of innovation. Their hard work paid off – one idea submitted through i-Zone is predicted to provide hundreds of millions in revenue over the next three years.


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