Next Generation Innovation Emerges at HP

Posted by Janelle Noble at 8:29 AM, April 05, 2012



Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HPQ) has long been using Brightidea software to drive innovation management at every level. The Garage, an internal innovation platform accessible to all 300,000 employees is designed to maximize the flow of new ideas on virtually anything and route them to where they are needed most in the organization. Employees can easily access The Garage and submit or collaborate on ideas, as well as stay up-to-date on innovation activities within the company. The name "The Garage" refers to the company's beginnings in a garage in 1939, which serves as a reminder of the where they started and history of innovation at HP.

ThegarageHP's latest campaign is truly an evolution of the Garage and represents a new leap forward. InnoStream is an "organizational stream of consciousness" campaign where employees can submit ideas about anything related to HP software, such as new services and product enhancements.

Employees can collaborate and vote on submissions to indentify top ideas in hopes of winning the popular vote and getting a chance to create a business proposal for the idea's further development. Development teams will be built around ideas chosen by a review team and will have an opportunity to utilize customers as design partners, and showcase them to a design council for possible funding and implementation. Finalized ideas could become a part of HP's software portfolio or incorporated in existing products.

InnoStream is also introducing a host of new opportunities for innovation including 'InnoBlast', an event where people can present ideas or cool things they have created, and 'InnoMiles', a point system where users can win prizes and privileges as they build up to silver, gold, and platinum account status. Top winners with the most InnoMiles will receive 'InnoStar' ranking, designated to recognize outstanding contributors. These types of rewards and recognition are the some of the most common ways companies are engaging employees and encouraging participation while maintaining a thriving innovation community. Innovation is at work!

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