Bosch and the Evolving Co-Creation Model

Posted by Janelle Noble at 8:18 AM, May 26, 2011

Img1UPDATE: Over a month ago we discussed Bosch’s move towards co-creation with its use of a Brightidea-powered online community in which users could submit ideas for new tools, accessories, and attachments to their Dremel line. Now the company has expanded the innovation initiative by creating public WebStorms for more product lines including power tools, accessories, etc. that will serve to organize submissions for all their brands.


Bosch has been receiving a high volume of product idea proposals from various sources but now, with their Brightidea-powered idea management system, Img2the company is able to centralize the front-end collection of ideas and streamline evaluation while improving response times.  Check out their updated site here.

Original Post:

An interesting conversation on Quora recently discussed the concept of co-creation and the possibility of it leading to a new era for innovation. Co-creation according to its evolving definition on Wikipedia is essentially "a business strategy that emphasizes the generation of mutual company-customer value. It provides a forum for companies and active customers to share and create value through new forms of interaction, service and learning mechanisms. It differs from the traditional active firm - passive consumer market construct of the past."

BusinessWeek views co-creation as the "second-largest innovation trend happening today, right behind sustainability." The concept is attractive for various reasons: it allows corporations to harness the strength of another's resources and thier customer base; it works to fully develop an idea or product that already exists; it encourages people to contribute things they are excited about, etc. In the interest of innovation, co-creation also allows companies to view people as collaborators with a mutual interst in evovling an idea or product and taking it to the next level.


Brightidea's CEO Matt Greeley chimed in on the Quora discussion saying, "I believe co-creation is in its infancy with one-off contests and crowdsourcing ideas. I believe the strongest brands will find ways to create persistent connections with their most forward thinking customers to feed their product development and sustain product evolution."

Bosch, one of the largest power tool and accessory manufacturers in the world, is looking towards customer co-creation for its Dremel products as a way to better connect with customers and tap their first-hand insight on the features, tools, and functionality they care most about. Featured on the homepage of, the company is featuring a new WebStorm-powered innovation community site- My Dremel Innovation.

"The Dremel brand has created the "My Dremel Innovation" website so users can share with us their product ideas and suggestions," said Peter Neumann, the company's innovation manager. "Using Brightidea, we ensure that a dialog with our user is always open and we will continue to create products that meet their needs."


Bosch can now connect with passionate customers providing ideas on new tools, accessories, and attachments. This is the first in Bosch's plan to develop online innovation communities for each and every one of their products by creating co-creation channels for customer insights that inform and shape the design and function of current and future products.

Take a quick tour of WebStorm and learn how Brightidea solutions can transform your company's ability to co-create.

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