VIDEO: Interview with the City of San Francisco's CIO, Chris Vein

Posted by Janelle Noble at 8:21 AM, August 13, 2010

View this exclusive Brightidea interview with Chris Vein, CIO for the City of San Francisco. Learn about open government, Gov. 2.0 straight from one of the most highly respected, forward-thinking leaders in the government technology space. For more coverage on the campaign and to find out how the City is saving more than $90,000 annually from submitted ideas, read our previous posts here and here. And stop by the Brightidea YouTube page to see more videos!



About the Campaign:, powered by Brightidea's WebStorm and Swtichboard solutions, served as a tool for the City to encourage and collect ideas from its employees. In a matter of weeks, there were 700 active participants, 4,000 votes, and nearly 700 comments. Of the 569 total ideas submitted, 4 were chosen for immediate implementation. Many others are under review for possible savings or revenues. Learn more here and here.

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