Jillian Kurvers Joins Brightidea's Customer Success Team as Director of Content

Posted by Kate Pietrelli at 10:16 AM, July 21, 2014

Jillian Kurvers joined Brightidea's Customer Success team as the director of content to help us share innovation best practices with customers. Here’s a little more about Jillian in her own words:

What were you doing before you joined Brightidea?
Before Brightidea, I was a content marketing manager for two lines of business at a large organization. It’s interesting to note that while working there, the company ran an “innovation jam” on its own, the result of which was something called Bagel Monday. (As you can imagine, this meant bagels were made available to employees on Mondays.) Prior to that, I was an editor at a content marketing agency, often writing on the topic of innovation for large technology companies, some of which are Brightidea customers.

What does innovation mean to you?
Let me start by telling you what innovation does not mean to me: Bagels. To me, innovation is ideation that leads to new improvements or inventions that add value to society.

What gets you excited about working for Brightidea?
That I get to think about question number two and work with people who dedicate their careers to defining and giving structure to question number two so that companies have a process that allows their best ideas to surface.

What new innovation are you most excited about?
3D printing because it’s such a departure from what we are used to, as far as printing goes, that it cannot be imagined in the context of the current technology. That, to me, is truly revolutionary. That and the fact that we can print everything from jewelry to jet engines to human organs—without running out of ink.

What do you do for fun?
I do a lot of what I like to call ball-oga-lates—it’s a fusion of ballet, yoga, and Pilates, plus some pretty embarrassing dancing that doesn’t bear mentioning. I also like NASCAR, bourbon, and writing (but not necessarily sending) postcards. I’m also beginning to dabble in foosball, but only at the office.


Brightidea Talks with Jeff Ferreira-Pro of VSP Global’s Innovation Laboratory

Posted by Kate Pietrelli at 8:53 AM, July 15, 2014

Jeff Ferreira-Pro serves as Idea Curator at leading eye and vision care provider VSP Global’s innovation lab, The SHOP. We caught up with Jeff recently at Brightidea’s annual Birds of a Feather Innovation Leaders meeting, held in June 2014 at Quicken Loans, and discussed his experiences in crafting an innovation program at VSP and how Brightidea has continued to help his organization.

In the months just prior to the 2013 Birds of a Feather meeting, Jeff’s team was just getting started deploying their Brightidea-powered innovation program, Idea Bank. At the 2013 event, the team was overwhelmed with different ideas and strategies from other leading organizations with more mature innovation programs. They took their insights home from the meeting and integrated them to their Idea Bank with Brightidea.

Over the course of the past year, through trial and error, Jeff and his team zeroed-in on a sustainable innovation strategy for VSP and re-launched their Idea Bank. They developed a top down, middle out, bottom up structure that stimulates innovation at all levels of the company and struck a chord with its employees.

Jeff’s team planned their Idea Bank to collect the deluge of great ideas that are generated in such a diverse company. VSP Global is a dynamically changing organization that houses insurance, healthcare, software, manufacturing and fashion branches. With such diversity of contributors, they needed a robust innovation program and created Idea Bank to manage all of the ideas. Jeff enables VSP to redefine the industry with their ideas, rather than let them slip through the cracks and watch someone else do it.

The SHOP has found Brightidea to be invaluable for crowdsourcing innovation across their vast network. Because of the diverse nature of VSP Global, with insurance, fashion and vision components, the Idea Bank serves as a cross-organizational tool to facilitate innovation among their intertwined businesses. Each element of their business structure has ripple effects on the others, which must be taken into account when innovating and growing.

VSP employees have an average tenure of almost ten years, creating the challenge of combating complacency and the assumption that the status quo will always remain. Aware of this tendency, Jeff is vigilant to keep abreast of changes in the industry and listens to customer needs to make sure that VSP doesn’t get surpassed by a startup that’s doing something novel. Customers often don’t know what they want until it is shown to them, which keeps Jeff and his team on their toes, always looking to the future and trying new directions in innovation.

Stay tuned to the Brightidea blog for more insights from the 2014 Birds of a Feather Innovation Leaders meeting.

Birds of a Feather 2014 at Quicken in Detroit - Presentation Highlights from Innovation Leaders

Posted by Kate Pietrelli at 9:20 AM, June 19, 2014

Recently, we held our 7th annual Birds of a Feather event in Detroit to engage innovation leaders with the latest practices, principals, challenges and opportunities within our industry. Our gracious hosts at Quicken Loans provided an inside look at how the city of Detroit is currently evolving as we toured and congregated in several beautiful, modern buildings throughout the town.

We kicked off this year's event with evening tours of innovative companies in the Detroit metro area, including Shinola watch and bicycle manufacturing facilities, and DIME (Detroit Institute of Music Education) where BOF attendees were treated to live music performances by students. View photos of each event here.

The next day focused on presentations and insights from industry leaders including Quicken Loans, Nielsen, VSP Global, Cabot Corporation, Bizdom, Fathead and Brightidea. Additionally, we held a segment on "BOF Shared Key Learnings" with 5-minute presentations on lessons learned in managing innovation from Nielsen, SAP, Kaiser Permanente, VSP Global, Cisco, Farm Credit Services of America, ACT, Inc., Panasonic, Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. and The Strategy Group. You can see what each of the presenters had to say in the slides here.

All 2014 Birds of a Feather presentations have been added to our community page on Facebook and the following are some of the highlights from our wonderful presenters this year:

Dual presentations from Quicken kicked off the summit on Tuesday morning. CEO Bill Emerson shared deep insights on their innovation strategy and approach, posing the question: "How do you create that fire in the belly?" Through setting expectations, encouraging and recognizing people, Quicken ignites ideas and a culture of innovation within their organization.

Innovation Team Leader Bill Mirza presented "Cheese Factory: The Inches We Need Are Everywhere Around Us." Bill leads Quicken Loan’s Bullet Time initiative and is obsessed with the search to what he calls "Finding a Better Way." In his presentation, he shared more about their innovation program operations, including how their team of 6 members facilitates strong communication and organizational skills to execute and implement ideas. Learn more here.


Nielsen Director of Planning and Governance Ann Marie Dumais presented "Create. Sustain. Accelerate. How to create a sustainable innovation culture through organization efficiency." As a 20-year veteran across various Nielsen owned and acquired companies, Ann Marie leads the development of a global company-wide innovation portal and a technology learning center. In this presentation, Ann Marie described how they've developed a mature innovation program and culture by applying six sigma around the ideation phase. View the full presentation here.


Jeff Ferreira–Pro, Idea Curator for The SHOP, shared insights on the innovation pipeline at VSP Global.
VSP's Idea Bank Launched last summer with one question: What can VSP Global do to become more of a leader in the growing retail market for eyewear? Since then, Idea Bank has shifted focus to opportunity areas such as the billion-dollar wearable technology market and is currently exploring disruptive ideas and innovation around Google Glass products. Learn more here.


Cabot Corporation is a leading global specialty chemicals and performance materials company. Head of Innovation John Jaddou joined BOF to present on "Focused Innovation: Connecting people and ideas to drive results." John discussed the importance of solving the right problems by engaging customers the right way and communicating effectively. Additionally, he shared how physical ideation sessions coupled with focused virtual WebStorms are essential to achieving this. View the presentation here.


Lee Burnstein of Bizdom gave the presentation "Innovate, Incubate, Accelerate" to share how large companies can play a critical role in the startup community by providing resources and programs that encourage overall growth in the larger company's ecosystem. More than capital investment, accelerators can provide structured curriculum to help increase the speed of innovation and value of startups. Learn more about the acceleration process here.


Fathead provides life-sized, precision-cut vinyl wall graphics out of Detroit, and Lynda McFarlan joined us at BOF to give us an inside look at how they help organizations create spaces that truly inspire. For Fathead, the goals are to transform a space, evoke an emotion and tell a great story through imagery and use of space. To see more of how Fathead brings culture and philosophy to life, watch the videos featured in Lynda's presentation.


Stay tuned for additional videos and highlights from the 2014 Birds of a Feather event!

Challenge Promotion Tools

Posted by Steve Bell at 10:21 AM, May 28, 2014

Innovation executives and program managers know that it can sometimes be a struggle to get and keep the attention of employees for the duration of an innovation Challenge. It’s not uncommon for a Challenge to start strong with a lot of idea flow, only to wane over time.

Enabling employees to innovate through their mobile device stimulates Challenge engagement, which is one of the main reasons Brightidea’s new Mobile 5 is being met with such enthusiasm.

Mobile 5 Adoption!


To ensure employees are taking full advantage of the power and convenience of mobile, they need to be made aware of it. That’s why we’ve recently released a set of new features focused on helping innovation managers promote their innovation Challenges and stimulate mobile usage. Here’s what’s new:

Mobile Promotion Widget Use the new Mobile Promotion Widget to promote mobile usage directly from your Challenge (WebStorm) or Enterprise home page. Your employees can click the iPhone or Android button to receive an email link that takes them directly to the app download. The widget image and text are fully customizable.


Mobile Promotion Newsletter Challenge administrators can now select a new out-of-the-box Mobile Promotion newsletter template to quickly and easily send employees instructions on how to get the Mobile 5 app.


Mobile Download Link in System Email Footer When your employees receive Brightidea system-generated emails, you can now include a customizable promotion in the footer, like “Try innovating on the go with your mobile device!” with a link to download the app.


Smart App Banners New Smart App Banners prompt the download of the Mobile 5 app when a user accesses Brightidea via their mobile browser. If the user already has the Mobile 5 app installed, it will prompt the user to open it.


Invite a Colleague To encourage collaboration, you can enter a colleague’s email address to invite them to participate via mobile device. They will receive an email with a link to download the app and will be allowed to participate as long as they have been invited to the Challenge.


Editable Push Notifications Push notifications have several important functions: first, they’re a great way to instantly mobilize hundreds or thousands of employees to participate in a new Challenge. They also play a critical role in keeping employees engaged over time with real-time updates on ideas, such as votes, comments, and tags. You can also use push notifications to create a sense of urgency with a note like “Don’t forget your Challenge is ending in 3 days – get your ideas in now!”


Challenge Managers can now fully customize notification text from the Challenge (WebStorm) setup page.


With these new promotional tools, Innovation Program Managers can tap into one of the most significant trends of our time – the mobile workforce – to engage employee innovators wherever they are to collaborate and find solutions to pressing business issues across your organization. To learn more about Mobile 5 visit our webpage at brightidea.com/mobile5.

Merck Focuses on Innovation Strategy to Prepare for the Healthcare Industry of Tomorrow

Posted by Kate Pietrelli at 2:37 PM, May 21, 2014

The healthcare field is a known hotbed of innovation and discovery, particularly as practitioners seek to overcome hurdles and challenges the industry faces. Forward-thinking healthcare companies today are striving to find solutions to patient needs that transcend medication, requiring great changes to the incumbent organizational structures. Such large amounts of innovation require an appropriate means of management. 

In a recent interview with Eye for Pharma, Samuel Pygall, Patient Services Manager at Merck, Sharpe and Dohme (Merck & Co.) discussses the many facets of organizations that first need addressing in order to drive innovation program initiatives.  

Using Interdisciplinary Expertise to Innovate Across Departments

Early in my career, I learned that I love to build products, and that's what I've spent the past 10 years doing. Most recently, I headed up the product team at the digital health SaaS company, Zipongo, where we built a personalized healthy eating platform for users, across web and mobile. Previously, as a design strategist at the innovation consultancy, Continuum, I applied design thinking principles to uncover user insights and drive product strategy for clients across industries - including pharma, consumer products, automotive, and hospitality. One of my most rewarding projects was for a home appliance company where we developed a product strategy that redefined air quality for users.

What does innovation mean to you?

The organization of the future foresees "jack-of-all-trades" teams with expertise across many disciplines. Pygall asserts that by breaking out of the traditional structure, these independents will transcend organizational silos by working with points of contact within various departments, sharing and employing their interdepartmental expertise. By holding meetings with stakeholders of the various departments, an organization can increase transparency and progress with moving ideas forward, with the end goal being to benefit the patient.

Pygall has seen through Merck's telehealth initiative, that by getting participants involved in the earliest stages of a project, they enabled efficient progression in the new patient support system. Its stakeholders provided input into the design and development of the new system, which gave them a vested interest in success of the project.

Incentivizing Participation

To achieve big picture success, employees must understand the impact of the innovations on customer value and how integral each of them is to project. This means that the messages must hit home for each participant, by being properly tailored to each department, and avoiding genericized messages designed to inspire all. Each department must understand how important its involvement is and how it will benefit from the success of the program. Allowing employees to devote a percentage of their time to projects of personal interest is also a particularly effective means of inspiring eager participation.

By using these interdisciplinary experts to bridge the gap between departments and incentivizing effective participation in innovation programs, Merck and other healthcare providers can move forward into the medical system of the future.

For more information and the full text of this article, please refer to: http://social.eyeforpharma.com/

Brightidea’s Response to OpenSSL Heartbleed Vulnerability

Posted by Lou Ostdiek at 9:17 AM, April 15, 2014


Heartbleedicon_checkmarkFirst and foremost, we'd like to inform our customers that at no point in time has data stored with us been vulnerable to the OpenSSL Heartbleed bug. At Brightidea Inc., we take the responsibility very seriously of ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of the data our platform is entrusted with hosting.

Upon learning of OpenSSL vulnerability on April 7th, we initiated an audit of our systems. Since our usage of OpenSSL is limited, we completed this audit in less than an hour. The result of the audit showed that we were not using any versions of OpenSSL affected by the vulnerability.

In addition to our audit, we reached out to our hosting provider Dimension Data. Dimension Data’s Cloud Business Unit security team had also immediately investigated the potential implications of this vulnerability. They concluded that its Cloud Business Unit, used for hosting by Brightidea, does not utilize the vulnerable version of OpenSSL in the underlying infrastructure and cloud control layers across all data centers.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to share how we are continuing to improve our encryption policies by reducing dependencies solely on network layer encryption such as SSL and TLS. Specifically, in addition to network encryption, our online backup data is also AES 256 bit encrypted before it’s transmitted by the backup software. This means that even if network encryption was compromised, as in the case of the OpenSSL Heartbleed bug, data stored with us will still be safe.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation ongoing just as we have been for all security alerts.

Please don't hesitate to contact us us if you have any questions about this issue or how we continuously improve on our security and encryption policies.

Lou Ostdiek
CTO Brightidea

Genevieve Wang Joins Brightidea as Senior Director of Product Management

Posted by Kate Pietrelli at 10:40 AM, April 11, 2014

Just like our platform, the Brightidea product team continues to grow. Recently, Genevieve Wang joined the company as Senior Director of Product Management. Here’s a little more about Genevieve in her own words:

What were you doing before you joined Brightidea?
Early in my career, I learned that I love to build products, and that’s what I’ve spent the past 10 years doing. Most recently, I headed up the product team at the digital health SaaS company, Zipongo, where we built a personalized healthy eating platform for users, across web and mobile. Previously, as a design strategist at the innovation consultancy, Continuum, I applied design thinking principles to uncover user insights and drive product strategy for clients across industries - including pharma, consumer products, automotive, and hospitality. One of my most rewarding projects was for a home appliance company where we developed a product strategy that redefined air quality for users.

What does innovation mean to you?
Innovation can certainly mean new ways to make things smaller, faster, and cheaper. Yet, the innovation that excites me most is coming up with new products and processes that totally disrupt the ways that things have been done for years. These can be solutions to everyday problems that now seem obvious in retrospect. That’s what Zappo’s has done for the shoe buying experience. That’s what the Kong toy has done for dogs and dog owners. That’s what Brightidea is doing to help customers realize the value in crowdsourced innovation, too.

What gets you excited about working for Brightidea?
Having worked at a variety of different companies, I truly believe that just about any organization I’ve worked with would benefit from a crowdsourced innovation program to engage employees and unlock the value in their ideas. It is highly meaningful to me to be working for a company with tremendous ability to make large-scale impact.

Also, the people at Brightidea are incredible, and I am thrilled to be a part of this team. The culture is one of mutual respect, and the fearless “can do” attitude results in a determination to achieve just about anything that we believe is right for the product. Working in this fast-paced, positive environment motivates me to be the best that I can be.

What new innovation are you most excited about?
I am excited about any innovation that helps me save time. I have become a heavy user of delivery services like Google Shopping Express. For every 20 minutes that one of these services saves me, that’s extra time that I can spend on a much higher value activity, like a phone call to check in with my family in Boston.

I am also pretty excited about Brightidea’s new Mobile 5. You'll be hearing more about Mobile 5 in the coming weeks.

What do you do for fun?
My husband and I rescued a dog, Bentley, a few months ago, and we are having a blast welcoming him into our family. He gives us a fantastic excuse to explore the San Francisco outdoors - from Golden Gate Park to Twin Peaks to Ocean Beach.


Forbes Article: Tasks Of A Chief Innovation Officer

Posted by Kate Pietrelli at 9:05 AM, April 10, 2014


Recently, regular Forbes Contributor Michelle Greenwald took a moment to reflect on how companies are responding to the call to innovate and drive forward their business objectives by creating the internal role of Chief Innovation Officer. Tasked with maximizing the company's innovation, Michelle notes that the Chief Innovation Officer looks to achieve their goals by creating an internal innovation team (what we might call a 'Center of Excellence'), crowdsourcing ideas both internally and externally, and then working with business unit stakeholders to manage and prioritize ideas to outcomes.

The article goes on to discuss how leading companies such as P&G, Unilever and Lego manage their innovation program and increase awareness by creating "Challenges" to crowdsource ideas. At Brightidea, we also employ this practice - Challenges are specific topics that the company is looking for ideas, insights, and solutions in response. Challenges are typically time-boxed and communicated broadly across multiple business units in order to crowdsource solutions. From our years of experience working with companies in innovation program development, we find that these time-boxed Challenges are highly effective in keeping participants engaged and focused on delivering innovation program outcomes.

To learn more about how P&G, Unilever and Lego are structuring their innovation Challenges, read the full article on Forbes.

To learn more about Brightidea challenges and results, check out our case studies.

Take the Pulse of Your Challenge Engagement

Posted by Steve Bell at 8:29 AM, April 04, 2014

As an Innovation Program Manager (IPM), you know the importance of employee engagement as it relates to the success of your sponsor Challenges. This is especially critical during the first few weeks of a Challenge where you need to pinpoint potential problem areas in order to course correct. It’s also critical throughout the duration of the Challenge to ensure engagement level doesn’t taper off over time.

But how do you identify who is engaging and how they’re engaging? How do you determine the relative health of your Challenge engagement level? What metrics do you have to determine whether engagement is great, just OK, or cause for alarm?

These are the questions that led us to develop the new Challenge Engagement Dashboard. This new dashboard gives IPMs crucial, detailed insights on how many people in your audience have visited and participated in each specific Challenge.


At the top of the Engagement Dashboard is a panel that displays five important data points on engagement: Permitted, Invited, Visited, Viewed Topic, and Participated.


Permitted is the number of people who have been given access to the Challenge based on group restrictions

Invited is the number of people who were invited to the Challenge using registration invitations

Visited is the number of people who visited within a specified time period

Viewed Topic is the number of people who viewed the topic page within a specified time period

Participated is the number of people who voted, commented or submitted ideas within a specified time period

Benchmarking Against Best Practices
In addition to the raw numbers and percentages, the new dashboard provides a very powerful additional data point: It allows you to compare your numbers with best practices that Brightidea has developed from over a dozen years of industry experience. This gives IPMs a solid benchmark for comparison and ongoing improvement. You can configure this best practice data to be displayed or hidden in the dashboard.

Target Date Range
While most people will want to monitor engagement since the launch of the Challenge, you may also want to zero in on engagement for a specific time period. No problem. The Challenge Engagement Dashboard lets you choose from various periods, including custom  date ranges.


Engagement By Profile Field
You may recall that one of the new capabilities recently released by Brightidea is the new configurable user profile fields, which gives administrators the flexibility to control what user data can be captured, displayed, and reported upon.

One of the most powerful features of the Challenge Engagement Dashboard is the ability for you to break down the engagement information by these profile fields, giving you the power to identify how engaged different people and parts of the company are with your Challenge.

For example, you might want to look at engagement by department. Or you might want to look through a geography lens to see relative engagement levels by country or region. The other two examples in the screenshot below show filtering by Job Title and Business Unit. However, the dashboard gives you the flexibility to view engagement by whatever user profile fields you choose. 


When the data is displayed, it is color-coded green, yellow, and red to indicate your engagement performance against the best practices data. At a glance you can see areas of engagement needing attention. Green means at best practice or better; Yellow indicates below best practice to 30% below best practice; Red means 30% below best practice or lower. 

Data Exports
All of the data in the Engagement Dashboard can be easily exported to Excel for further analysis. You can export the summary level data as well as detailed data on engagement by top indicators and profile fields. This can be particularly useful in helping IPMs pinpoint areas that need engagement focus and action.


Engagement by Top Indicators Export Example:


More to Come
This is just the first iteration of the Challenge Engagement Dashboard. It will evolve to incorporate not just valuable data but also specific actions that can be taken based on the data. For those customers who would like access to this dashboard, please contact your Account Manager.

The Challenge Engagement Dashboard is just one of a series of new dashboards Brightidea has begun to roll out to help IPMs drive more successful innovation programs across the business. More dashboards are to follow, so keep visiting our blog for regular updates!

Seven Things to Look for in a Sponsor - of your Next Innovation Challenge

Posted by Anthony Madama at 10:57 AM, March 11, 2014

For Corporate Innovation teams that offer innovation crowdsourcing services to other areas of the business, finding the right Challenge Sponsors can make or break the success of your program.


While support from the C-suite can be great to get you started, you can not rely on them for the steady stream of challenge topics that are the life blood of the 'shared service' model.

Eventually you will need to venture out into the organization, and identify business leaders who have real —and pressing— business needs that you can help to solve via crowdsourcing.

Often this is unfamiliar territory for the Innovation Program Manager. It requires internal networking and 'selling' the benefits of the service. It is also a significant departure from the work they have been doing to date (eg. organizing the team, defining the process and project managing the deployment of the Brightidea platform).

There are many different candidates to sponsor challenges, in different departments, with widely varying needs, and it's hard to know where to start.

So we've created this handy list of things to keep in mind as you are looking for sponsors of your next innovation challenge.

Seven Things to Look for in a Sponsor of Your Next Innovation Challenge:

1. Expressed Interest or Curiosity in your Program and Tools. Executives who are already interested in what you are doing, are the easiest to get engaged. Keep your eyes and ears open for business leaders who think what you are doing is cool, and start with them first.

2. Already Engaged in Innovation at the Company. Executives that participate on an Innovation Council or Innovation Steering Committee are strong candidates as well. They will likely be supporting your program at some level and will give you early opportunities to work with the teams or divisions that they lead. Listen closely and allow them to guide you to where you can have the largest impact in the areas they are responsible for.

3. Already Have a Key Challenge they Need to Solve. Maybe it's an aggressive growth target a few years out, or a division that needs to reduce costs. Maybe there is a new trend they want to jump on in a big way or a technical problem that needs to be solved. An executive with a 'burning platform' that needs to get something done, can benefit from fresh thinking and directly engaging their teams to solve the problem.

4. Have Access to Resources to Execute Ideas. Business unit leaders who have existing discreationary budgets for doing new things, be it:R&D, prototyping, custom work, etc. make great sugar daddy's for your innovation program. These executives are used to placing bets on things that may or may not pan out. They often have existing pools of money and resources that are not pre-allocated to mission critical activities and therefore have the latitude to experiment with new things. By teaming with such well-heeled executives, you will not have to waste your time finding additional budget to execute the opportunities you hand-off to them.

5. Operating in an Area with Rapidly evolving Products and Services. Lets face it, at any given point in time, some markets are moving faster than others. If your company made mobile phones and land-line phones, the demand for innovation will probably be greater in the mobile division. Go to where the action is. Look for areas where technology is driving rapid product evolution or where changes in policies or regulations are disrupting how business is being done. Divisions with lots of engineers doing technical design work make great targets. 

6. Bigger is better. The benefits of crowdsourcing increase with scale. Seek out sponsors that lead large teams, or whose challenge topic will be broadly applicable to employees in other business units.  

7. Social Media or Technology Saavy. Does your target sponsor have a blog? Are they active on twitter? Executives that embrace social media often have a 'prepared mind' for crowdsourcing innovation. They are comfortable communicating to large audiences via digital media and understand the untapped power and potential of their network.

*    *    *

The list above describes traits you can use to help identify the strong candidates to sponsor innovation challenges. If you have other tips, I'd love to hear them! Please share them in the comments section below.

If you wish to discuss this topic in more detail, feel free to contact us so we can have one of our innovation consultants reach out to you to discuss further!

Brightidea is the leading provider of collaborative innovation software for companies all over the world. Brightidea believes every company’s innovation process is unique with specific needs changing over time in different ways. The Brightidea platform is designed to be the most flexible and self-configurable available to effectively support customers no matter where they are on their innovation journey. Based in San Francisco, Brightidea has over a decade of experience and has worked with nearly 500 leading corporate innovators, including Adobe, Bayer, Bosch, Chevron, Cisco, General Electric, Humana, SAP, Sony and many others.

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